Model 879-126-BLK is a 75 Ω Inner DC Block with an operating frequency range of 10 to 3000 MHz and exhibits 1.40:1 maximum VSWR. Insertion loss is 0.5 dB maximum and the maximum blocking voltage is 50 Vdc. The RF connector configuration is F male / F female. BroadWave also manufactures 50 Ω as well as custom impedance DC Blocks with BNC, Type N, TNC and SMA RF connectors.

DC Blocks allow RF to pass through the unit but does not allow DC to pass through the unit. DC Blocks are realized using a capacitor of varying capacitance depending on the required frequency range, voltage and desired insertion loss. BroadWave offers three types of DC Blocks.

Inner DC Blocks are manufactured with a capacitor in-series with the center conductor that prevents the flow of audio and direct current (DC) frequencies while offering minimum interference to RF signals up to 23 GHz. Similarly outer DC Blocks are manufactured with a capacitor in-series with the outer conductor. Inner/outer types of DC Blocks are manufactured with capacitors in-series with both the inner and outer conductors.

Applications for these devices include ground loop elimination, signal source modulation leakage suppression, system signal-to-noise ratio improvement, test setup isolation and other situations where undesired DC or audio current flows within a system such as the input or the output of an amplifier to prevent loading of the bias voltages. BroadWave DC Blocks can provide isolation from DC voltages up to 300 volts and are available in a wide range of frequency ranges, connector types as well as 50 or 75 Ω standard impedances (other impedances are available upon request). Below is a summary of our current DC Block capabilities:

● DC Blocks with RF passing from 7 KHz to 23 GHz
● 50 Ω and 75 Ω DC Blocks are standard (other impedances are available)
● Low insertion loss
● Inner, outer and inner/outer DC Blocks are available
● Breakdown voltages up to 300 Volts
● Virtually any RF connector combination (BNC, SMA, N, TNC, F, reverse polarity and others)
● Custom designs are also available. Please consult the factory