A Women-Owned Small Business manufacturing in the United States of America

BroadWave Technologies is a leading manufacturer of RF and Microwave coaxial components. In addition to standard products BroadWave specializes in low-cost custom components. We are committed to excellence in quality throughout the manufacturing process. All products are manufactured to meet or exceed their specification. Our rigorous quality assurance program and quality control processes ensure our components are free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Our catalog includes popular models of impedance matching pads, DC blocks, feed thru terminations, RF detectors, conduction and convection cooled terminations, conduction and convection cooled fixed attenuators, power dividers, RF adapters, directional couplers, manual variable attenuators and programmable attenuators.

The pages that follow list some of our most popular products along with their specification and outline drawing. These devices may be securely purchased online, or a quote can be requested. If you do not find a product that meets your requirement in our catalog or on our web site, please contact the factory by clicking on INQUIRY FORM. We respond to inquiries within 1 business day maximum.