Model series 351-276-XXX* are a line of 50 Ω fixed attenuators that produce attenuation values between 40 and 80 dB in 1 dB increments. These devices are rated 2-Watts average power with 1.40:1 maximum VSWR. The operating frequency range is DC – 2000 MHz, the operating temperature range is -55°C to +100°C and the RF connectors are SMA male / SMA female. Useful for analyzing harmonic signals or isolating a device under test, these attenuators reduce the amount of power delivered in a transmission line without introducing much noise or distortion. Applications include test equipment, telecommunication systems, base stations, radar applications, high precision applications such as military and defense programs. There is an application note available in the support section of our website.
* Insert desired attenuation value ( example: 60 dB = 060 )