Model series 179-110-XXX are 75 Ohm Wilkinson power dividers featuring 20 dB minimum isolation. Available in 2, 4 and 8-way configurations these units are ideal for antenna, mobile internet, test and WiFi applications. The operating frequency range is 900-2100 MHz, average power rating is 2 Watts, operating temperature range is – 55°C to +85°C and the RF connectors are F female. Amplitude balance is ± 0.3 dB maximum and VSWR is 1.40:1 maximum for the 2 and 4-way configurations. Amplitude balance is ± 0.5 dB maximum and VSWR is 1.50:1 maximum for the 8-way configuration. Solutions featuring 75 Ohm BNC and N RF connectors are also available. Model 179-110-002 is pictured.