BroadWave has developed an extensive line of 50-Ohm Wilkinson power dividers to support WiFi 2.4, 5G, Defense, Homeland Security and Public Safety systems. Model series 152-011-XXX* is available in 2, 4 and 8 way configurations with N female connectors. These devices operate from 800 to 3500 MHz, exhibit typical isolation of 25 dB and are rated 5 watts average power. Nominal insertion loss above theoretical split at 3500 MHz is 0.8 dB for the 2 way, 1.1 dB for the 4 way and 1.5 dB for the 8 way. Maximum VSWR is 1.40:1 for the 2 and 4 way configurations and 1.50:1 for the 8 way. In addition to these power dividers with N female connectors we also offer these 800-3500 MHz devices with BNC, SMA and TNC connectors.

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